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Get the Best of Both Worlds: The Role of Mortgage Pros and Real Estate Agents in Buying a Home
Are you in the market for a new home and feeling a bit confused about the difference between a mortgage professional and a real estate agent? While both professionals play a vital role in helping you buy a home, there are some key differences you should know about. Here are three...
Thinking About Waiting to Buy? You May Want To Think Twice!
You might be curious about what your next move should be as a prospective homebuyer. One aspect that likely concerns you is home prices, which have decreased somewhat since their peak last June. You may have also heard rumors of an impending price crash in the news or on social media,...
Decoding Homeowners Insurance: How Much Coverage Do You Need?
Homeowner's insurance is a crucial component of property ownership, providing financial protection in case of unexpected disasters or accidents. The right coverage can mean the difference between recovering from a devastating event and suffering immense financial hardship. In...
Waiting For Home Prices To Drop Dramatically? Here's Why You Shouldn't Wait
Many were expecting house prices to come crashing down, much like they did in 2008. While there have been many shifts in the housing market, we have yet to see a "crash." Why could that be? What's different now? This article will explore reasons that we may not see a major drop in prices as we saw...
Why Condos are a Great Homeownership Option this Spring
Are you looking to buy a home this spring but feeling overwhelmed by the high costs of traditional single-family homes? It’s time to expand your search to include alternative housing types, like a condominium. Sure, they may look small on the outside but don’t...
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